While A.A. is not affiliated with any form of alcoholism treatment, A.A. Treatment committees are essential in carrying the A.A. message into treatment settings where the suffering alcoholic may be introduced to A.A. for the first time. According to the A.A. 2014 Membership Survey, 74% of our members cited treatment or counseling as an important part of their journey to A.A. The local Bridging the Gap program, or BTG, connects the new member being discharged from a facility to A.A. in their community. Clients can request contacts through the A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Request form. A.A. members can serve as A.A. Temporary Contact/Bridging the Gap Volunteers... READ MORE.

Districts 9, 44, & 45 Treatment Committee:

  • Meeting Day & Time - First Tuesday of the month at 6:30 PM
  • Meeting Location - Central Service Office
  • Contact Email -
  • Contact Phone - 253-474-8897
  • Contact Mailing Address - 3640 South Cedar Street Ste S, Tacoma, WA 98409

District 10 Treatment Committee:

District 29 Treatment Committee:

District 43 Treatment Committee:

District 54 Treatment Committee:

  • Meeting Day & Time -
  • Meeting Location -

Treatment Facilities Rules and Guidelines: