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We asked Puget Sound AA Members what they remembered from their early sobriety. What was important for them, and what helped them start down the path of sobriety? Read below to see what some of them have to say:

Don't Leave Before the Miracle!

Clorissa L. (4 Yr)

Homegroup: Fellowship of the Spirit

I was unsure of my decision to try AA when my first meeting ended with the Lord's Prayer. My temporary sponsor assured me that a higher power didn't have to conform to my previously learned religious experiences. I was willing to continue and discovered a group of people who were happy and didn't drink. I wanted what they had. I kept coming back. The gifts I have received from AA go far beyond sobriety.

Andy C 5 years

Home group: Nick @ Noon

AA has taught me Progress not Perfection!

Dan B. (3 yrs)

Homegroup: Serenity Hall

If you've gotten this far, whether it's your first meeting, a phone call, or visiting this website, you are blessed. You have come to discover there is another way of doing things, and we don't have to live like we used to.
Mick (6 days)

Homegroup: Searching

Before AA, I really wouldn't socialize without alcohol. I felt that I just needed a little buzz to help ease the nerves. The problem was, I wouldn't stop once my nerves had eased. I was having too much fun, so I thought. Until I woke up the next day feeling the dread and shame that started becoming all too familiar.

I can't tell you how grateful I am to the Program of AA and all it's members. because I don't live like that anymore. Today I socialize without alcohol and have much, much, more fun!

Anonymous (18 Mo)

Homegroup: East-Side Newcomers

I took all the suggestions that were offered to me. I trusted and said "Yes"

Will J. (3 Yr)

Fircrest Study Group

I learned to live just in Today. I'm not thinking about what I did 10 years ago, and I'm not worried what life will look like three years from now. AA has taught me just to do the best I can today.

Ron H. (19 yr)

Fellowship of the Spirit

I think I drove to three AA meetings before I had the courage to walk through the doors for the first time. In many other meetings since then, I found I wasn't the only one that experienced this.

That's one thing you'll find in AA, that you are not alone. Someone in AA has experienced everything you have. It may not be the same person, but through our shared experience, we find none of us are unique. And then we learn to laugh at it.

Anonymous (6 yr)

Homegroup: Soundgroup

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