AA Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is AA?

Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of people who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.

Whether your here for the first time or maybe you've gotten a few days, weeks, or even months of sobriety -- Congratulations! We are excited for the life that awaits you, and for taking a step toward a healthier life, a step towards a happier, joyous and free life! It's a step all of us in AA have taken, and it wasn't easy for most of us, so we know how you may be feeling. Perhaps you are feeling jittery and alone. Let me assure you, you are not. There is nothing you're experiencing right now, and there is nothing you've done, that someone in our Puget Sound AA Community hasn't felt or experienced. I Promise you this.

Know that you are loved, and Let's Do This!

Anonymous Puget Sound AA Member

I don't think AA is right for me ~ I don't believe in GOD?

A belief in God is not a requirement of AA. and you will not be pressured into believing so. Many AA members do not believe in GOD when they first walk through the doors of AA. As you begin to work the program your understanding of a higher power will grow and change just as you do.

There are as many perspectives of a Higher Power in AA as there are Members.

What happens at an A.A. meeting?

An A.A. meeting may take one of several forms, but at any meeting you will find alcoholics sharing about what drinking did to their lives and personalities, what actions they took to help themselves, and how they are living their lives today. You are not required to talk or share. You can simply listen to other members share their experience, strengths, and hope.

What advice do you give new members?

Give the program of AA a chance and look and listen to how you are similar to other AA Members. There's a wide diversity of people in AA. You'll hear stories that are similar to yours, and those that are not.

Are there any requirements of being in AA?

We only have one requirement, and that is: to have a desire to stop drinking.

What if I haven't stopped drinking, can I attend an AA meeting?

Yes. The majority of AA Meetings are Open -- meaning they are open to both AA Members and Non Members. You can introduce yourself as a visitor or guest.

If I go to an A.A. meeting, does that commit me to anything?

No. A.A. does not collect names or phone numbers. You do not have to reveal anything you don't want during a meeting. No one will bother you if you don’t want to come back.

After AA meetings it is common for members to talk to one another. We call this fellowship, and we encourage you to participate in this.

How do I become a member of AA?

You're a member of AA when you say you're a member. One of the first things you can do to become more involved in AA is to identify a Home Group.

Your home group will become your opportunity to get more involved in AA. All you need to do is ask someone at the meeting if this is their homegroup. This individual will point you in the right direction.