L-13 The Akron Pamphlets $5.00

A set of five pamphlets written by Evan W. at the request of Dr. Bob to help early AA members. This set includes AA Speakers Manual, Second reader for Alcohol Anonymous, Spiritual Milestones in Alcoholics Anonymous, a Guide to the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and a Manual for Alcoholics Anonymous.

P-38 It Happened to Joe $.30

Easy to read “comic book” style pamphlet for men

P-39 It Happened to Alice $.30

Easy to read “comic book” style pamphlet for women.

L-02 Making a Start A guide for beginners including: One day at a time, Go to meetings, Get a sponsor, Find a home group $0.10

P-25 Clergy and AA $0.30

P-31 Community and AA $0.15

P-52 La Vina $0.30

P-16 AA Group $0.40

P-17 AA Traditions $0.40

P-18 Inside AA $0.15

P-21 AA and Native Americans $0.50

P-22 The Older Alcoholic $0.50

P-23 AA and Health Care Professionals $0.30

P-24 Newcomers Ask $0.15

P-26 AA and Correctional Facilities $0.25

P-29 AA and Professional Cooperation $0.40

P-32 LGBTQ and AA $0.50

P-35 Problems other than Alcohol $0.20

P-30 Alcoholic in your life? $0.30

P-15 Sponsorship $0.20

P-13 Do you think you are different? $0.40

P-12 Jack Alexander article about AA $0.30

P-11 Meds and other drugs $0.30

P-09 To an Inmate who might be alcoholic $0.20

P-08 12 Concepts $0.55

P-05 Women in AA $0.40

P-04 Young folks and AA $0.40

P-03 Is AA for you? $0.15

P-02 AA - Frequently asked questions $0.30

P-01 Intro to recovery $0.20

P-10 How it works $0.20

P-20 AA and corrections professionals $0.30

P-36 Is AA for me? $0.30

P-37 Too young?$0.30

P-40 Speaking at non-AA meetings $0.35

P-41 Member's eye view of AA $0.30

P-42 A brief guide to AA $0.20

P-43 12 Traditions illustrated $0.55

P-44 AA legacy of service $0.30

P-45 Circles of love and service $0.15

P-46 If you are a professional $0.30

P-47 Understand anonymity $0.30

P-49 Bridging the gap $0.30

P-50 AA and armed services $0.55

P-51 AA for black and African Americans $0.50

P-53 The co-founders $0.40

P-54 Problem drinkers in the workplace $0.10

P-55 12 steps illustrated $0.40

P-83 AA accessibility $0.45

P-84 Paths to spirituality $0.25

P-86 The God word $0.50

P-87 AA for those with mental health issues $0.50